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We come from a range of professional, cultural and educational backgrounds

Katherine Jennings

Active travel, Behavioural science, Research

Sharon Allen

Behavioural insights, Kids and youth, Mixed-methods research

Michael Bond

Editing, Group psychology, Writing

Dr Avri Bilovich

Behavioural science, Coding, Statistical analysis

Dr Rebecca Bendayan

Behavioural science, Research design, Statistical analysis

Ian Hutchinson

Design, Programming, Prototyping

Florence Nolan

Design Research, Engagement, Taboo subjects

Charley Pothecary

User Research, Service Design, Inclusive Design, Healthcare

Sam Saint-Warrens

Research, Inclusion, Illustration, Video

Hannah Marcus

Semiotics, Health & Sexual Wellbeing, Culture & Tech, Research, Strategy

Amanda Morrison

Graphic Design, Information Graphics, Branding, Wayfinding

Iria Lopez

Design research, Organisational change, Service design

Edward Gardiner

Behavioural science, Collective action, Service design

Sophie Dollar

Brand strategy, Communications, Organisational change

Maisie Bowes

Design, Service design, Transport


Zoom calls, New business engagement, Well-being


Wellbeing and New Business Intern, reporting to Dragon

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